Rebuilding Childhood


The brief for this project was to create a project surrounding the topic of homelessness. I developed a concept specifically based on homeless refugee children, within refugee camps. These camps are densely populated with limited resources. Individuals within these camps enter with little or no belongings as a result of abruptly fleeing their home countries. My concept for this project was 'Rebuilding Childhood'. Whilst researching I discovered toys have massively helped children develop emotionally and cognitively as well as engage those that have suffered trauma. I created designs inspired by the shapes of childrens toys which were then printed onto children's building blocks. This outcome reflecting my concept and directly benefitting refugee children as the building blocks would be donated to camps. In order to help 'rebuild the childhood' of those that have had it ripped from them and allow them to develop in a positive direction for a brighter future.

I also designed stationary packaging and tote bags so I could use a percentage of the profits to fund the donations of these building blocks to refugee camps.

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